Propolis Facial


Propolis Facial Tonic. This wonderful tonic formulated with Propolis, Aloe Vera and natural extracts of Mint and Chamomile gives vitality, freshness and balance to your face. It hydrates, providing brightness and uniformity to damaged skin. After applying the tonic, an instant feeling of skin freshness and the effects with continued use (several times a day) provide skin recovery within a few days. It can be used with makeup, helping to fix it, and also forming a protective antibacterial layer.

Continuous use (multiple times a day) to provide comfort and protect the skin.

Skin type
Recommended for all skin types.

Active Ingredients
Honey, propolis and chamomile.

Active Action
–  Protector
– Revitaliser
– Soothing and moisturizing
– Bacteriostatic

Delivers vitality, freshness and balance to delicate facial skin.

Content. 120ml


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