Lift Serum


Nourishing serum with defence against wrinkles. Serum formulated based on Propolis and Royal Jelly to help the process of cell regeneration and deeply nourishing the face’s skin thanks to its great composition of amino acids and enzymes, making it more sculpted, soft and healthy. Also containing Ginkgo Biloba it decongests and stimulates circulation, restoring the dynamism in tired skin and soy amino acids that act synergistically with the amino acids in royal jelly, improving nutrition and avoiding skin sagging.

Apply a small amount of LIFTING SERUM ANTI-WRINKLE in the entire face making upward movements. You can use it before APIFLOWER regenerating cream or daily moisturizer, day or night cream

Skin type
Recommended for mature skin that have signs of sagging, look tired and lacking brightness.

Active Ingredients
Propolis, royal jelly, caffeine, ginkgo biloba, soy amino acids.

Active Action
Tightening effect, diminishes wrinkles, provides deep skin nourishment, and activates circulation.

Recommended for mature skin that lack brightness, and show signs of deterioration and flaccidity. Regenerates one’s skin, treats its natural oxidative process and provides a tightening effect.

Content. 30ml