Hydro Antioxidant


Moisturizing cream. It provides protection against free radicals, while returning luminosity and reestablishing the hydration of the skin and substantially reduces wrinkles. Formulated with propolis, a natural asset that contains nourishing and moisturizing properties, which favors the quality of the skin. Its hyaluronic acid content, allows the restoration and maintenance of the water in the skin, restoring its elasticity. Vitamin “E” and natural extracts of rosemary, orange and strawberry, which return the brightness and restore the skin hydration.

Apply once or twice a day.

Skin type
Recommended for skins from 20 years and/or prone to dry.

Active Ingredients
Própolis, Orange peel extract, Strawberry extract, Rosemary Extract, Hyaluronic Acid.

Active Action
Nutrition, hydration, moisturizes and antioxidant.
Orange peel extract:
Improves the skin’s microcirculation.
Strawberry extract:
Stimulates the skin’s brightness.
Rosemary Extract:
Hyaluronic Acid:
Maintains moisture.


  • Delivers protection against free radicals.
  • Aids in diminishing the presence of wrinkles.
  • Delivers a bright appearance, establishes hydration and humidifies the skin.

Content. 60 ml