Exfoliating Cream


Purifying and moisturizing facial exfoliator. Improves oxygenation of the skin and increases its receptivity to other facial treatments. With Passion fruit seeds, this exfoliating cream helps eliminate dead cells adhered to the surface layer of the skin ,improving its texture, brightness and enabling better application of cosmetics at the time of makeup.

The high concentration of pure bee honey and propolis extract allows for the regeneration of skin cells, and in turn humidifying and improving their natural healing processes. It contains orange and hamamelis extract, which decongest, hydrate and condition the skin.

Weekly use. Apply throughout the face and neck, rub for 30 seconds to 1 minute and rinse.

Skin type
For all skin types. Acneic skins require a gentle application of the product.

Active Ingredients
Honey, propolis, passion fruit seeds, witch hazel extracts and orange extracts.

Active Action
– Antiseptic
– Healing
– Moistening
– Regenerating
– Antioxidating
– Anti- inflammatory
– Decongestant.

Deep cleanse with soft granules that remove any dead cells. Powerful hydration which leaves skin feeling soft.

Content. 120ml

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