Espuma Clarificante de Limpieza Facial


Clarifying cream with face cleanser.  Daily use cleanser that completely eliminates makeup and skin impurities. It is also recommended for masculine facial cleansing. Perfect cleanness and elimination of the makeup and impurities. It moisturizes without affecting the PH of the skin. Bacteriostatic action that allows its use in intimate zones. Its sparkling, cleaning and healing action makes it unique.

Daily use, apply a small quantity with water and then rinse off.

Skin type
Recommended for all skin types.

Active Ingredients
Honey, propolis and chamomile.

Active Action
Bacteriostatic action, healing, moistening and calming.

Eliminates any excess fat, makeup, and impurities which allow for a deep cleanse. Ideal for both normal and acne infected skin. It is recommended for male facial cleansing.

Content. 120ml


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