Eye Treatment


Eye Treatment. The anti wrinkle and dark circles cream helps in the process of restoring normalcy and quality of the skin as well as restoring youthness by effectively nourishing the wrinkled areas and reduces dark circles while improving the transport of nutrients to and from the tissues, it removes deposits and remains of waste substances (microcirculation). Made from one of the best associations of nature, propolis that substantially reduces facial wrinkles and royal jelly activating the microcirculation. It also contains Amazonian fruits: Cupuassu and Buriti, which deeply hydrate the delicate area around the eyes, leaving a refreshed and bright look.

It is recommended to apply once or twice daily, applying a small quantity in the eye contour and eyelids.

Skin type
Ideal for all skin types.

Active Ingredients
Propolis, royal jelly, cupuazu butter and buriti oil.

Active Action
Propolis: Anti-wrinkling and antioxidant.
Jalea real: Activates blood microcirculation aiding in the dissapearence of puffiness and dark circles.
Buriti oil and cupuazu butter: Provides deep hydration to the delicate area around the eyes, leaving a rested and bright appearance.


  • Improves the appearance around one’s eyes by delivering circulation to the area.
  • Regenerates, hydrates and rejuvenates the delicate area around one’s eyes.
  • Prevents and treats deep wrinkles.

Content. 15ml