Anti Taches


Anti-taches Regenerating Cream. This innovative formulation helps to visibly reduce skin pigmentation and helps preventing the recurrence of spots. The association of different active ingredients of natural origin integrated efficiently, helps reduce the signs of aging and reducing the depth of wrinkles as well as to reduce the impact caused by harmful solar radiation. Also ideal for skin with rosacea. It is recommended twice a day in association with a Photo protector product.

It is recommended twice a day.

Skin type
Ideal for skin with Rosacea.

Active Ingredients
Propolis, ursi grape, white madonna, comfrey and licorice.

Active Action
Propolis: Acts on wrinkles, dryness and loss of tightness.
White Azucena: Accelerates depigmentation, and inhibits la formation of new melanin.
Comfrey: Stimulates facial rejuvenation, improving cellular structure.
Uva Ursi: Capable of provoking melanin discoloration and inhibits the formation of new melanin.
Regaliz: Powerful facial spot remover.

By not interfering with any natural or biological processes during the formulation process, this product guarantees safety in its use. Due to its composition, this product is suitable for use during daytime as it elicits no response to UV rays.

Content. 60ml