Anti Aging Cream


Anti-ageing SPF23 protective cream. The Anti-Aging Protective Cream SPF 23 Apiflower is a masterful combination of protection and rejuvenating cream. Due to its SPF 23 it protects the skin from the harmful sun rays. It is not greasy and it’s made with ingredients that prevent occlusion of the pores, so it is recommended for people with oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin. It does not leaves any white marks on the face. By containing Propolis it is a true anti-aging product that reduces facial wrinkles and improves skin radiance. It’s a differentiator to include the Borojó (Fruit of the Colombian Amazon) as adjuvant sunscreen that reduces chemical aggressiveness of traditional protective products. Enriched with extracts of Colombian coffee with antiradical and energizing action and Aloe vera extract with soothing and refreshing action. It also has one of the wonders of the Amazon, Muru Muru butter, which is 100% compatible with the skin and allows for great moisture and protection against the environment.

Use after treatment products and before makeup routine. Reapply every 2 to 3 hours.

Skin type
For all skin types, including oily and acneic.

Active Ingredients
Propolis, borojo extract, coffee extract, muru muru butter and aloe vera extract.

Active Action
– Anti-wrinkles
– Remineralizing
– Antiradicals
– Humectants and calming

Combats wrinkles and the loss of brightness to one’s facial appearance by utilising UV-SPF 23 protection which leaves no white residue or any oily sensation on one’s skin. Recommended for healthy, oily, delicate or acne prone skin.

Content. 50ml